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Business Owners

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Would you embark on a new journey without a defined strategy? It is our hope that one would not start a new venture without taking the appropriate steps and seeking professional advice beforehand.

A wise business owner surrounds themselves with the talented and experienced people it takes to make a business grow and prosper. Yet, many business owners neglect to speak to a business financial advisor when they are starting a new business, expanding their business or planning on exiting their business.

Our role is to help business owners understand how the decisions made today will impact their personal and professional financial future. We strive to provide clarity, focus and a strategy to lead your business in the right direction.

Client Centered

What does a business financial advisor do and how can they help me?:

  • Help lead business owners to cost savings and guide the path to profitability.
  • Prepare businesses for future developments and different stages of business growth.
  • Help plan your personal finances in coordination with your business finances.

Many business owners have questions such as:

  • What tax issues must we be concerned with?
  • How can I align my business and personal financial goals?
  • What is the tangible and intangible value of my business?

If you’re a business owner, you’ll most likely be facing many complicated decisions when it comes time to retire - after all, selling a business is a major life event. To help you navigate this complex transition, consider consulting a certified exit planning advisor (CEPA), a professional trained  to help you align your goals and build transferable value into your company. A certified exit planning advisor isn’t just concerned with your business goals; we consider your personal and financial objectives as well. A CEPA® takes  helps you develop a business strategy that integrates all aspects of your life. We will examine issues related to your professional industry, your tolerance for risk, your timeline for retirement and other critical areas of operating a business. We can help you plan for the best time to sell your business and how to minimize your tax liabilities. 

Shahzad Ali, CDFA®, CEPA®, CWS® is a financial  advisors who have received the CEPA® designation and are a part of the Exit Planning Institute’s international community of CEPAs. The CEPA program is the most widely accepted and endorsed professional exit planning program in the world. The Exit Planning Institute serves as a platform for creating awareness, advisor collaboration, innovative learning, continuing education, defining methodology, research, thought leadership, and practice development. Certified Exit Planning Advisors help to identify, protect, build, harvest and manage wealth to assist business owners and their families through growth and an ownership transition.