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EMPOWER The Female Investor

February 17, 2022

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Please join us for: EMPOWER The Female Investor on Thursday, March 3,2022 at 4:00PM PST

About 1.75 billion women worldwide participate in the workforce and another billion are forecast to enter the global economy in the coming decade1. While women control $40 trillion of global consumer spending, studies have shown they often lack confidence when it comes to investing2. To help address this issue, please join us for: EMPOWER the Female Investor, a one-hour presentation that seeks to help women gain confidence and take control of their finances.

We believe many women may face common financial planning challenges throughout their lives, including unpredictable life events and retirement planning hurdles. In this presentation, we take a deeper dive into many of these potential challenges, discuss methods to address them and identify ways that women can empower themselves financially. Specifically, the EMPOWER presentation focuses on seven steps for female investors to achieve financial empowerment3:

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Sources: 1 World Bank and Booz Allen 2017; 2 Boston Consulting Group as of 2018; 3 Goldman Sachs Asset Management as of 2019.